march 28 2016

Since you’re so curious. Life’s good. Learning lots. Not sure if I like the mon-fri 9-5 work week thing. I thought it would be freeing at first because …weekends! but no, I find myself partying more or staying out late during the week and sleeping all weekend. For example st patricks day was on a […]


Alright so… graduated in dec.! well I have all the courses needed to graduate so just need to hand in my papers. Florida was awesome. Weather was perfect the temp was above average which we loved because … well… warm! New job. Career job. Full time. In my field! own office and errthang. Still working […]


SEE YOU SOON FLORIDA! Pulling out my shorts and tank tops…who am I kidding I haven’t put them away yet LOL Another Christmas in Florida with my love and as a civil engineering tech 🙂 task: -travel insurance -make sure visa balance at 0 -tell work -save love you


Sometimes the communication is broken.  I never get to sleep in anymore so when I can I want to. I don’t want to say that’s what’s wrong sounds so stupid.  If you said you were hungry I would’ve made breaky in a heart beat.  You know that right. You’re my heartbeat.      


I am really tired. I am physically tired. I think I am emotionally tired too. I feel constantly worried and stressed. My jaw hurts. I think I’m clenching my jaw when I sleep. When I sleep. I wake up multiple times. I can’t get a good nights sleep without taking something that makes you sleepy. […]

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