Dear hater, Please watch that youtube video. I would do this to you in person but you decided to post anonymously. This only confirmed my previous assumption, your balls have gone missing, or she has them. Don’t hate me because I’m finally happy. Don’t hate me because you are obviously not. Hate me because this […]

Did you and your bf break up yet? no you will. fuck you go die. who says that do i need a new facebook too? fuck ———————————————- Feeling starved but not really. Unsure. I miss it. Can’t decide whats worse. ——————————————- 100%  ——————————————-

Copy of diploma- check Applications – check Acceptance – check Course fees – to do ————————————————————- Girl stahp just stahp back away back off stahp  —————————————————————- “When you’ve found real love, you’ll know it. Because you’ll always be enough, regardless of your flaws and your insecurities and your vulnerabilities. You will be enough for them […]


❤ yay congratz to my loveeee ❤ ❤ ❤ Room is coming along. just need to move a few things around and take a trip to ikea =D contemplating the iPhone . sigh. i know. i want a 0 dollar phone and bell has the better deal for share plan. looks like you might win […]