1assignment done 3 to go. #diditonmyown ——————————————— This is when i realize how pathetic and broken i really am. I want you and dont want you at the same time. Why cant i forget about you. No. Why dont i want to forget about you. Why cant i just have. Because thats not how life […]


Fuck. But not the good kind.  Next week i have four tests three assignments due…four assignments due. My exam sched is 2 on the 11th 2 on the 14th 2 on the 16th and 1 on 17th. I am alrdy about to collapse. On the plus side i have found new friends. New friends who […]

Miss him already

So for some messed up reason I keep getting every ones name mixed up with richard. Gross ————————————————————– I already miss him. —————————————————————-