The waiting game. Just need to get paid and pay of my credit card bill so i can enroll for my next exam. Why am I so excited! lol —————————————————— I hate nightmares. bad dreams? w/e you call them. Why do I always have to wake up crying or about to cry. Ruins my day. […]


Waiting for results – good things I hope good things new song im loving : dorothy – the wicked ones how much do you value what you have? ————————————————————– love you


Sleepy. need to eat ok so I went to the Miguel concert the other night and it def. exceeded expectation. I’m not sure if it was because I was not expecting much since I didn’t really listen to his music or if he really was good. To be honest if he didn’t have his amazing […]


im good a bit tired from last nights concert feel like eating everything though I’m hungry constantly I’m a bit nervous but I think I’ll be ok for Saturday I know love you with all my heart too .