As much as I complained about working seven days a week all last summer I must say, I miss it. I actually loved it. I loved being tired and still having the energy to and desire to see him. Some people want to work as little as possible. Some people just want as much money […]


Never watch Dear John when you are already about to cry. You will break. how…nevermind  Watching dear john was a bad idea. Time for a comedy gym, apply, work. i got this. i got me. i got you too. love you

Scared kitty

My cat is such a pussy. Cutest little furball but scared of life. Brought him to robs but he hid the whole time lol. Under the blankets. Gas mask not included. :s Hiding under the pillow with my love. _____________________♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ Weather is lovelyyyyy. Fingers crossed. Want to shop. Urban Decay. I will have some. ______________________☆■☆■☆■☆■☆■☆■☆■☆■☆■ […]