march 28 2016

Since you’re so curious.
Life’s good. Learning lots. Not sure if I like the mon-fri 9-5 work week thing. I thought it would be freeing at first because …weekends! but no, I find myself partying more or staying out late during the week and sleeping all weekend. For example st patricks day was on a Thursday, def went out and drank didn’t sleep till four so Friday and sat i basically died. so I wanted to party, let me while i can. While I can manage it all. Wed we went to rama, had an awesome night also slept two hours before going home. but really lets face it, going home was not something i looked forward to that week. My love the reality is that it was almost an ending to our story. I hope you realize that, and i hope this makes us stronger. Need to be loved that’s how it works.

uhmmmmmm kazumi is good. crazy as ever a bit of a suck. really sensitive to the flow of our relationship. is very sad when we fight and then super sucky and loving when we are good. strange cat.

threw out my back again. fucking killing me right now. probably slept funny.


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