i had a spice girls day today. as in I watched a bunch of their documentaries and interviews and listened to a bunch of their songs. LOL. i love victoria beckham. ❤ ❤ ❤ ——————————————- LOVE YOU ❤


A part of me would die if you did ———————————————- Want to try that contouring shit thats all the rage in the makeup world. But im scaredd ill just look like a tranny with too much makeup on. =S yayaya blend blend blend maybe ill pop by sephora tmrw and grab the tarte stick. try […]

everyday or not at all

lalallalalalalla so bored at work so sleepy for some reason x.x ——————————————– I need a sign. I need a miracle! I need to know that this is possible. -no ordinary love ——————————————— love you

Old age

It took a really long time for the alcohol to hit. Not sure if its because I ate a ‘huge’ dinner or what. Went to F stop. Complimentary champagne(x2) lovely even though i think it tastes like rotten bread. Then left for EFS. Anyways we all realized that we were all tired before even going […]