16 chapters 8 days? can do. can do.

So i frantically searched for my scientific calculator all over the fucking place the past week and guess where i found it.

In the purse I use often.

-_- almost bought a new one too. That’s the problem with having a finance one and scientific one. you toss one aside when you don’t need to use it. and forget all about it. need to use both now so wont be misplacing them for a whilesssss.

Anyways starting to get the hang of leveling the stand and equipment. Took me an average of about a minute. not a fluke! did it over 8 times so yay me! Will definitely ace the 20 min test. Feeeeeeeling goooood. Life on track. haters or no haters.


cool feature wordpress offers. ip adress of commentators

Toronto. new york. where ever 😉


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