1.. 2…3… Get up

I used to be able to wake up and be ok and start my day content. Now it’s a three stage wake up process. If its a work day 1- wake up to an attack of kisses and fall back to sleep with a smile. 2- Wake up for a second time heart beating hard scared and unsure. Force myself to go back to sleep and ignore how i feel. 3-No choice but to get up because bladder is full. If I dont have to pee I have to talk myself into getting up. I have shit to do. I have a life to live. I have to get up .

It’s ok.

Start with brushing your teeth.



Building my ‘future client’ roster day by day. Four so far.

Half of chapter 1 done. Next half tmrw.



thought catalog


As a former cynic-i totally get it 

8. You would never take the mutual trust in your relationship for granted, because you know exactly how rare it is.

13. When you hear people sound just as averse to love as you were, you’re torn between feeling a kinship with them, and wanting to tell them that they might get lucky enough to be proven wrong.

18. While you might have been high and mighty about your anti-love values, your relationship made getting proved wrong completely worth it.


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