burning eyes

I’m due for a ramble.

My eyes hurt a lot. Just feels like they’re burning. I feel like shit.
Waves of stress keep trying to drown me.

What is it in people that drives us to back away and want to hide instead of face our fears. I feel like crawling into a hole and covering the top up with leaves. But can’t. So just pretend everything is good. Wake up. Get ready. Smile. And everyone does it. I see it everywhere I look even if its different from person to person.

I’m watching the hobbit. Killi just died and now I can’t stop crying.’if this is love I don’t want it.’-taurial. Just takes that one feels to fuck up the ‘suck it up princess’ mentality I’m trying to keep up.

Let’s just pick up and leave. Not say anything not tell anyone. Just pick a spot. Drive there. Start over. People do it all the time why can’t we.

You’re the reason I don’t crawl into a hole.



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