caution: uneven roads

Caution : uneven roads

A road is riddled with pot holes and gravel and a general uneven surface. This road has been treated crap. The drive is bumpy. Some smooth areas. Drive slow.

Every time I get upset I always end up feeling guilty. Like instead of ridding of stress I cause it. Then I feel selfish.

I need you to trust that I can take it when you lay your problems or fears or whatever on me. I said I would so let me. I worry more when I know something is up and you don’t tell me. It hurts period when I ask and you brush me off. It makes it worse when you shut off. Two heads are better than one. Our hearts are stronger together. Not telling me has just proven to make things harder.

We are going to grind down the fucked up road. We are going to level it and pave over it. It will exceed minimum compaction and only top quality materials will be used. It will be smooth and even. It will be maintained regularly. It will follow the natural elevations of life so we don’t forget we can and will always make it to the top of the hill.

Caution: road work ahead

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