I found a gem

I am fucking hungry.

Cravings are supposed to disappear after your period but honestly i want to eat everything right now. I want a sandwich, wedges, pickles, lasagna, fried rice and noodles, roasted chicken, jambalaya rice, mashed potatoes. I am fucking hungry and i want to eat everything.

I remember a day when my mom used to remind me daily that if I don’t learn to cook my husband would leave me. The first time she said that I said I would marry a chef. The second time she said that I said I’ll marry someone who loves to cook. The third time she said that I said, one day I will suddenly feel the urge to cook because I want to not because I want my husband to stay with me or because its my duty as a female or because I’ll die of starvation. But because I want to.

And now, I want to.

I mean I kinda suck at it but I still want to.

Is it just me or is time just not moving.

p.s. my hands are really cold at work so I am definitely typing this blog with gloves on


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