He makes me remember what it feels like to feel. Happiness, lust, desire, affection,care. 

Ahhh it all makes sense i think.

I think.

I mean if its all true I understand.

I want to be mad and frustrated but at the same time I feel like I saw this coming so i really should just come to terms with it right?. I just didn’t foresee how it would play out. This seems a bit nicer in terms of heartbreak. But really how hard is it to break someone that has got cracks all over already.

No you didnt/arent breaking my heart. I broke it myself.

As in, I foolishly let myself into a situation where it could be.

You were supposed to be a fuck. Plain and simple. But then you had to go on and tell me you liked me. Seriously Fuck you because I like you too. And then we had to go on pretending all is fine and dandy and will be fine and dandy when it wont!

We are both too messed up to even consider the notion of caring about another human being because we cant even love ourselves. 

I hate you

I hate you for reminding me what it feels like to feel. I hate you for reminding me that with happiness comes the direct risk of feeling sadness. 

I hate that you reminded me of these things even though i wanted so bad to notfeel nothing.

You should have left me alone the first time we fought I would have been ok. 

If you were to stay or leave, I realize why you came into my life. To show me I can still feel. That my heart is not ice. And that I am capable of caring about something. 

I just don’t want to right now and clearly you are the wrong person.

But you are that person and it fucking sucks. 

p.s. you think I’m stubborn but you fucker are by far the most stubborn fuck I have ever met. EVER. stubborn stubborn stubborn stubborn stubborn so ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to YOU TOO FUCKER


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