Almost is never enough-ariana grande.


So school is killing me right now. But its ok I’ll muster through I always do.


Anyways last week went over to __. movies and cuddles. literally just lied on the bed cuddled and watched a movie. Rubbed my aching back a bit and turned on one of those heating blanket things to put under my back and gave me a pain reliever. whhhattt a sweeetie pie.

I dont know. Am I just setting myself up for hurt? I feel like i have it under control. I want him to be it but I know he isnt and I dont even know if I can do it. Focus on just one guy.

I know I know.

I need to learn to be happy by myself. Love myself. Appreciate myself and realize I deserve more before I can dive into a relationship of any kind.

Welp even if i dont have the perfect body I know i am completely sexually confident. at least i got that part down.

I want to be happy. and I want to not be afraid when I feel bits and pieces of it.


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